Thank You Notes
Wording for 70 notes, for specific items, Ready to Copy! Need a great way to say why you like an espresso maker or a clock? This book gives you the words to copy.

Practical tips on how to keep track of gifts received at showers and the wedding.

• Advice on
to whom the note is written and who it's from. Explains what to do when one gift is from multiple people and other situations.

• Etiquette tips on
selecting stationery, the timing of the notes, and more.

Opening lines... specific sentences to write to start a note.

List of adjectives. Every gift isn't "beautiful." This handy list reminds you of words like "classic," "fun," "practical" and more, to let you easily praise the gift you received.

"Fillers"... a list of generic charming sentences to make your note longer.

How to write difficult notes for when:
• a gift is a duplicate
• you don't like the gift
• you aren't personally acquainted with the gift giver

Wording for writing special notes to:
• your shower host
• wedding helpers
• your parents

"Emily's Best Tip"... a single sentence that gives you the best note writing advice ever and makes the note writing process easy from the start.

Emily Easton's
Do's and Dont's for writing
lovely wedding and shower Thank You Notes
What Emily's book includes:
"You've come to
the right