Thank You Notes
"Here are some samples to get you started!"
Emily Easton's
Do's and Dont's for writing
lovely wedding and shower Thank You Notes
Dear Aunt Lois,
____How nice of you to send Amy and me such a generous check (or gift of cash), Aunt Lois. We will indeed use it for our honeymoon, as you requested - that will be easy to do! We are looking forward to our trip to Key West and, thanks to you, we will be able to see and do even more fun things. Thank you so much for adding to the special time we will have.
____We look forward to seeing you at the wedding!
Dear Lewis Family,
____Nothing transforms an ordinary bathroom faster than a pretty shower curtain! Setting up a new home is no easy task, so we are very appreciative of you sending us this bathroom "star." Thanks for an important item that we quite needed.
____See you at the wedding! We're so happy you will be with us.

Shower Curtain
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mobley,
____You already know that we love our china pattern, and thanks to your generous gift of a place setting, we've now completed our set. Tyler and I send our sincere thank you for a lovely wedding present that will be put to good use, as we are using our new china everyday.
_____Thank you also for coming to our wedding. Mom and Dad were so happy that their best friends were there, and we loved having you with us.

Place setting - china
Dear Joanne,
____Leave it to you and Tom to come up with a unique gift! Thanks for the darling picnic basket. Tyler and I love to eat outdoors and this basket has so many handy features. I know we will use it often.
____We send big thanks for a truly fabulous present!

Picnic basket
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Dear Uncle Bob,
____You sure know how to please the newlyweds! Thanks so much for the check (or gift of cash) that you sent us, Uncle Bob. We need furniture for our empty living room so you gift will be a big help. Christine and I thank you for your kindness. We are overwhelmed with your generosity.
____We look forward to seeing you at the wedding next month.
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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Collins,
____No need to wonder if your gift will be used! Tyler and I have so many things we need for our new apartment, and that's why your generous check (or gift of cash) is so appreciated. We'll have fun shopping and we'll think of you!
____We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness.