Thank You Notes
Have Emily's book instantly available to you,
every time you sit down to write Thank You Notes.

You may have hundreds of notes to write, but...

____________each person only receives one note.

Your note is the only way you can tell people how much you like the gift. It only needs to be a few sentences but you can make a lasting impression. Best of all, you can show your gratitude. And Emily's book helps you do just that!

Note writing easily goes from "To Do" to "Ta-Dah!" with this book as your helper for every note.

Emily Easton's
Do's and Dont's for writing
lovely wedding and shower Thank You Notes
Undoubtedly, you've been a gift giver yourself. That task may have included:
• shopping at a store or two or searching online
• checking the gift registry
• choosing just the right gift
• having it wrapped
• having the gift mailed, shipped or delivered
• spending money that you could have spent on yourself

"You've come to
the right
After all that, which note would you rather receive:
Dear Melissa,
____Thank you so much for the ice bucket. We really appreciate it, and thank you for being at the wedding.

Dear Melissa,
____Leave it to you to come up with a fun and practical gift! Jeff and I really love the ice bucket. The brushed silver look is very distinguished!
____Thanks for choosing an item that will be part of many parties. It was wonderful to have you with us for the wedding. Please stop in soon to see us.