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Q. If more than one person sends us a gift, do we have to write more than one Thank You note?
A. If the gift is from a husband and wife (and possibly their children living at home), one note is fine. If people all "go together" on a gift and live at separate addresses, each should receive a handwritten note from you.

The exception is when a large group of people send a gift, such as people in a work place. If you are fairly sure the note will be passed around, you may write one note to all.

Q. Is it acceptable for me to send a thank you via email?
A. Never ever.

Q. We received a nice check from a relative as a wedding gift. When I write the thank you note, do I mention the amount?
A. No. The gift giver knows that you know the amount. If it was a sizable check, it's natural to refer to it as a "very generous gift."

For wording of how to write a thank you note for cash or check, look on this website under the "Samples" tab.

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